International Lab Experience

The International Lab Experience was created with the aim of contributing to the daily use of the English language at ITPAC Palmas and it is part of the Internationalization and Academic Mobility Center.

The International Lab Experience aims to provide moments and experiences in English. Various activities can be developed within it. The only prerequisite is that everything happens in English.

The International Lab Experience was designed due to the few opportunities to use the English language in everyday life. Several people complain that they have learned the language, but they have almost forgotten about their lack of use. So, if you want to exercise your English, if you want a help with a scientific article, or you just want to have a relaxed chat in English, look for the International Lab.

The International Lab Experience is led by the volunteer of the International Office, the academic of the Medicine course Ellen Lelis de Souza. The meetings always take place on Friday morning, at ITPAC Palmas headquarters.