Prof. Dr. André Machado de Senna


Dr. André Machado de Senna is a dentist, professor and researcher at ITPAC. His master’s and doctoral degree were held at the University of São Paulo, USP. He Works with development of applicationsfor lasers in health. His research is published in scientific articles on renowned international journals. He has consistently attended events outside of Brazil taking the knowledge developed here to the international community and on the other hand, bringing the most modern for planning and immediate implementation in the implementation of ITPAC Palmas.

Marianna Nunes de Moraes

Scholarship Student

Marianna Nunes de Moraes, academic in Medicine course at ITPAC Palmas, has 3 certificates from Cambridge University, has more than 8 years of experience with the English language, has had international experience and currently dedicates herself to the ITPAC Palmas International Office.

Ellen Lelis de Souza

Voluntary Student

Ellen Lelis de Souza, academic in Medicine course at ITPAC-Palmas, was an English teacher of children and teenagers in houses of languages. She has participated in excursion as a translator, has 3 Global English Corporation certificates and Master English certificates. She has successfully completes the CNA Master in English course. She is a volunteer at The ITPAC Palmas International Office and she coordinates the International Lab Experience as a student.